Sunday, 1 May 2011

Short Revision Break - Time for Updates!

Ok, so I don't even know why I'm calling it a break, I've basically just been drawing up the structural formulae of various vitamins in preparation for my biochemistry mid-term next thursday and just browsing music in iTunes for the past 3 hours. Definitely not been a very efficient afternoon in terms of revision.

Luckily, I've been collecting some ideas for new blog posts, that will be due next week after all this exam madness has settled down a bit.
On the menu we've got
  • a couple of baking recipes: all-favourite moist choc brownies (one can never know too many brownie recipes) and rum&coconut heart-shaped cupcakes (see pic)
  • a special on wine bottle drip candles and a short review on a couple of chilled-out drinking institutions in Budapest
  • a couple of spring-time-baby gift ideas (warning: this one's not actually about gifts for babies)
April has overall been a really good month full of great weather and some quality time with dear dear friends. My 22nd birthday was probably one of the highlights, but going back home for easter for a week to spend time with my sister and the folks is definitely way up there. April has always been jam-packed with birthdays, with my dad's closely following mine and a lot of people I really treasure in my life being born in this truly awesome month. Well it turns out that I've had to add a bunch of other people to my April Birthday list, with 3 of my very close friends in Budapest celebrating their birthdays towards the end of April. Apart from all the merry-making this incurs, birthdays are probably synonymous with cakes and gifts. This is where the ideas for two of the blog specials come from, but more about that later when I've gotten down to writing about it.

So to sum it all up, stick around for some hopefully interesting blog posts coming up soon!
Much love and see you soon

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