Tuesday, 22 March 2011

She's made of sunshine, smiles and love

Today's post is about a very special lady. Miss Jamie D. The most smiley, wonderful, good-natured uplifting woman in the world. (it's going to be a bit mushy so if that's not your style, just move on)

I first met Jamie at the student accommodation in London we were both staying in and although I had seen her around in the previous year, I hadn't spoken to her until my final year. This turned out to be very unfortunate, because its people like her that you wish you'd known well before you'd met them.

Let me tell you about Jamie. She's from SoCal, with Filipino roots that take her back to Hawaii (James, I'm sorry if i get anything wrong, correct me please). She's a little lady but she's got a massive smile that reflects the goodness and kindness of her heart. Her laugh is so infectious and soo genuine that it makes me wish that I laughed the way she does. Jamie is very spiritual, she finds her peace and calm in her faith as well as in her wonderful family back home. She's gorgeous, with amazing hair and a great sense of style and colour coordination (this is a massive thing for me, cos I'm absolutely crap at it). But most importantly, being around her makes you feel good about yourself, because of her chilled-out and sweet nature.

Like I said, she's got an amazing eye for colours and patterns and she's putting it to good use as she's doing a degree at Christie's Auction House in London. Whenever she goes on trips with college, she drags along her camera and takes dozens of gorgeous pictures that can only be described as master pieces.

And Jamie has a great taste in music. The two of us could sit for hours singing everything from John Mayer to Colbie Caillat to Josh Kelley and Matt Wertz and never get bored.

The top three memories I have of James:
1. Sitting in the garden at LA eating lunch during the weekend, enjoying the first rays of summer with James, Meggles and Sunil
2. Sitting on the floor of 319 singing tunes late into the night, ignoring everyone else around us and stubbornly crooning away to eachother :)
3. Sitting on the floor of 501 (?) eating healthy food, helping James pack and chatting away with Meggles till Kyle finished packing

The two coolest things I have in Budapest that make me think of James:
1. The goodbye card James wrote me before I left Budapest. Again with beautiful artwork and a wonderful message inside that made me cry my eyes out. I've got it up on the wall over my bed :)
2. 23 - Josh Kelley. One of her birthday mixtape songs. I've been listening to this song the whole day long. It's been a wonderful day with gorgeous sunshine and a light breeze, slight nippiness but overall good atmosphere.

Today has been my Jamie day. I wish we didn't have to be grown up and work hard but could be together all the time just enjoying life in its little good ways and listening to good music and drinking good coffee. But I know life isn't like that so I'll be content and try and see the world through your eyes.

Walking through the front door of my building I was stood in front of this scene and I had to take the picture, cos it reminded me so much of you in all its symbolism and the way you have an eye for tiny details.

I love you James and miss you sweetie. Don't work too hard :) Stay Beautiful

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