Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hi Hi!

ok, so no updates, those are to follow, as I'm muy busy revising for a biochem midterm on friday, but in the meantime, anyone who is interest, i just recently got into PinTerest, which is quite interesting (ha ha ha) and very like me, as I've got pinboards and collages everywhere I've lived so far, just full of ticket stubs, newspaper cuttings, photographs, bits and bobs i find in my purse after a night out or just an afternoon out. basically, memory boards really.
so here's my pinterest profile i hope you have fun browsing through some of the boards.
like i said, its all very new, so please do be kind and humour my lack of pins. and hopefully it'll link you to some other wonderful people with great ideas and pinboards :)
enjoy, and have a lovely evening/day/morning/whatever!

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