Friday, 17 December 2010


Just a quick post before I get back to revision-ing!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, and we're all full of good cheer, family love and giving (or try to be), I thought this quick post should be about someone in my family who I'm really close to and is my one true confidante and partner in crime: my little sister.

My little sister is an amazing little troll, who juggles a full-time uni course with a vast expanse of extracurricular activities and sports, and still has time to socialise with her friends. And to top it off, she has time for her needy elder sister, me. This little power house (i'm her senior by a year and 10 months) has been the source of much frustration in the past (ie. when we were kiddos) but in the past 5 years she's grown to be a wonderful young woman who reflects the best of our parents and has her very own qualities that make her the amazing person she is. Fiercely independent, she's moved out of our folks house two years after I fled the nest and has managed to sort herself out completely on her own (well i did help her out with her phone contract and some other stuff while I was still in England). And 6 months since I've moved back to continental Europe she's still blazing ahead, unstoppable and gorgeous as ever!

As amazing as she is, she does have moments where you can see the kid in her again and one of those happened yesterday when she came to have a look at my new flat. Her first impression: WOW! It's sooo big, my room is like a third of your bedroom's size, piss-take!

And with those words independent as she is, she made me feel like a big sister again. Not the needy big sister I am, but the cool big sister who she looks up to. And its pretty cool to have a little sister who's practically bad at nothing (except biology) to look up to you.

So this is for my little gurly-wurly: Merry X-Mas! I love you! Hope you like the present!

Merry Xmas Folks and Happy Holidays!

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